Neck pain is considered as one of the most prevalent problems, especially in United States.

It has been found during research that 70% of US residents will suffer from neck pain.

It causes a number of musculo-skeletal problems and requires expensive treatment.

It has been observed that most of the neck pain is caused due to repetitive or severe neck injuries, strain and chronic anxiety.

The most feasible treatment of all these problems is a neck brace or neck collar. It is basically an orthopedic medical instrument that deals with patient’s neck and head.

When patients are severely injured, neck brace or cervical collar helps to keep your head still. It enhances your recovery speed so that you can go back to your work, sooner. It is a temporary device that minimizes your neck pain and head Neck collar Neck Collars   Boost up Your Healing Processmovement.

Always consult your physician or doctor before purchasing a neck brace. Choose a high quality collar that decreases motion without affecting your comfort. Let’s take a look to some good quality neck braces.

JEGS Neck Collars
Pro-Care Adam Neck Collar
Elasto Gel Cervical Collar
Soft Neck Collar
Futuro Soft Cervical Neck Brace
Freedom Neck Collar Soft
Tynor Collar Soft
I-M Soft Cervical Collar
Flemingo Cervical Collar and Pillow
SRM Neck Brace
Contoured Pillow and Cervical Collars
Relief Cervical Collar

When to Use a Neck Brace?

You will find variety of reasons for wearing a neck brace. Let’s figure out some important reasons:

First of all, it is widely used to relief neck pain.

It helps your neck to bear the weight of your head, during recovery process.

It is very useful after your spinal neck injury because it helps keeping your neck bones aligned.

It is also used as a precautionary measure after any severe accident, until major injuries can be detected.

Types of Neck Collars

Cervical collars can range from simple and soft collars to rigid ones. Rigid collars are surrounded with pads that are made of hard plastic. The collar you will choose, depends upon the severity of your neck pain and the duration, you will be wearing it.

Guidelines to Follow:

  • Make sure your collar should be comfortable enough and keeps your head still.
  • Your collar should contain Velcro Straps to provide additional protection.
  • Your collar should be designed in such a manner that your chin should not slide inside.
  • Keep your beard or hair outside of the neck brace.
  • You should clean your skin periodically under the collar.
  • Avoid using lotions or powders, as they can damage the pads inside the collar.
  • Whenever, you take off your neck brace, make sure there are no areas of skin redness.
  • Wipe the pads around your neck, with a mild soap.
  • If you choose a collar with plastic pads, they should be cleaned once in a week. Never use detergents or any other harsh products.

A good quality neck collar provides greater stability after a surgery, accident or to prevent some spinal problems from becoming worse. So, choose best quality collars that offer maximum comfort and speedy recovery.

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 Neck Collars   Boost up Your Healing Process


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