005 Neck Collars for Sleeping  Easy Tips about Sleeping in a Cervical Collar

Neck collar

As we all know, a neck collar is a medical instrument that helps prevent motion of our head, in order to enhance recovery.

A cervical collar is usually made up of soft foam that surrounds your neck to offer greater stability.

You will find many patients who end up in neck brace due to severe accidents, stress or surgery.

Now, sleeping could be a great challenge to the victims of neck pain.

In this article you will find some useful tips regarding Neck Collars for Sleeping.

However, cervical collars keep your neck and head well-aligned but this isn’t the position most patients sleep in. You may find some difficulty, while sleeping.

The best way to sleep comfortably is to adjust your entire body, such that it matches the position of your neck.

Instructions to Follow:

  •  Let’s figure out some essential tips that will help you to sleep with a neck brace
  • First of all, ask your doctor to provide you proper instructions about sleeping in a collar
  • You can purchase good quality cervical pillows that will allow you to sleep more comfortably
  • But you can only use this pillow, if your doctor allows you to do so
  • Try to arrange a reclining chair for sleeping that is positioned all the way back
  • You can also place a thin pillow under your shoulder that will allow your neck to extend, in a great way
  • You can also use towels. Roll up them and place them around your neck
  • You can also place these rolls under your shoulder to make yourself more comfortable
  • If you are sleeping on your side, place a small pillow between your knees. This will keep your whole spinal aligned with your neck and head
  • If you are sleeping straight, you can place a pillow right under your knees. This will keep your entire body aligned

These were some useful ways that will help you sleeping in a more peaceful way. You can sleep on your favorite position, by following such helpful tips.

Let’s take a look to some of the best quality Neck Collars for sleeping:

  1. Embrace Sleep Collar and Travel Pillow
  2. Sleeping Collar by MTS Medical Supply
  3. Soft Cervical Collar
  4. Neck Sleeping Brace by Gum-tree
  5. Elasto Gel Sleeping Brace
  6. Futuro Soft Sleeping Neck Collar
  7. NYOrtho Cervical Collar
  8. Neck Brace for Sleeping by Deliver Net

If you choose any good quality neck collar for sleeping, it will help you avoiding soreness and further injury. It allows you to relax and reduces your stress in a more effective manner.

Reputable neck collar brands like Embrace, Futuro, Elasto Gel and many other, combines best and reliable fabric to offer greater stability to your neck. All these best quality collars are easy to take off and clean.

They provide you with superior protection and comfort. Most of the Neck Collars for Sleeping are custom fit. They are adjustable in height and circumference as well. So, choose the one that fits all your needs.

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 Neck Collars for Sleeping  Easy Tips about Sleeping in a Cervical Collar


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